What Do You Hope To Gain From This Program Essay

I strongly believe that I have the aptitude to take on this role and that I am the right fit for this program due to my solid desire and willingness I have to learn more about leadership. Enrolling with the LDF Program will illuminate me and arm me with the tools needed to make the difference I am looking to make in my country. Going back to what I started with, my goal in life is to be a source of help and inspiration for others. My way of achieving that is by sharing knowledge and participating in such programs. My aim is to use the skills of leadership where people aspire to learn but lack this tool to reach out to the rest of the world. I am hereby reaching out to the committee responsible for this program to grant me the opportunity to pursue this adventure. I am looking forward to gain a lot out of this program which will not only benefit me personally; instead, my country, community and at least the people whom I'm working with. I am sure of that.

Tebo, if you want to deliver the correct impression about your desire to join this program, you need to expand on the content of your essay. You have given an overview of the skills and abilities that you hope to gain through your participation in the program. That is good. It was direct to the point. However, the essay lacks a convincing aspect in terms of your ability to actually participate effectively in this program. As such, I am advising you to lengthen the essay by including some necessary points.

First of all, you must make mention of how you developed the basis of your skills and abilities. What previous experience do you have in the past that would serve as the foundation of your skills and abilities? How do you feel the program can help you gain more training or experience in this aspect? By adding to your discussion, you will be able to better portray your skills and abilities that you hope to gain as a program participant. Don't forget to mention if you lack a certain skill or ability at present. You can explain how you hope the program can help you improve upon that shortcoming of yours.

Hi Tebo, first of all WELCOME to the Essay Forum Team, I hope you find this website helpful and rather valuable to your writing projects, we aim to provide you with the most accurate and credible feedback in order to enhance your essay and to show you the difference it makes once it is reviewed.

Having said that, please find a few suggestions below;

- I strongly believe that I have the aptitude to take on this role- this role as what?, as this is the beginning of your essay, you have to make sure that you mention the subject, it has not been established yet, so you have to write it down.

- and willingness I have to learn more about leadership skills . - Enrolling with the LDF Program will illuminate and arm me
- with the tools needed to make a difference
- Going back to where I started with,
- my goal is to be a source of help and
- inspiration to others.
- My way of achieving this is
- in such a prestigious program .
- I will use the skills of
- and reach out to the rest of the world.
- I hereby reach out to the committee responsible
- this outstanding opportunity .
- rather my country, community
- and my fellowmen

There you have it Tebo, I hope the above remarks are helpful to your revision, should you need further assistance, do let us know, we are here for you.

I do really very grateful for the outstanding corrections you help me with to make my essay sound as great as possible. I am wondering if I have the chance always to come here and ask for your help? I am looking to improve my writing skills and I think this is the best way.

Thanks again,

Hi tebo, you'll be glad to know that here on EF we are always ready to help. We aim at giving you our best, making sure that you are able to keep and create a well written essay.

Moreover, as much as we want to be there for you as always, we also ask that you help yourself, do your research, keep yourself abreast with the current language updates, its usage and more importantly, write anything you want to write about, remember, practice makes perfect and the more you write, the more you become good at it and who knows, you will be one of EF's contributors too.

When you write, post it here so we can provide you your much needed feedback, this way, you will be able to do a healthy comparison of your original article to that of the corrected or modified one, however, should you receive a straight forward feedback, be sure to keep it in mind and take action, this is the only way you will learn. Keep writing.

When most of us came to K-State, the first thing we were looking to acquire was some sort of professional degree. Whether it was to get an undergraduate degree and venture into the working world or to go on to graduate and doctoral programs, the diploma, for many, is the single most important outcome of shelling out thousands of dollars every year.

The diploma, however, is not the only milestone that students should be reaching for. Although at the end of the day graduation is the goal for every student, college should be a comprehensive experience that not only helps you develop as a person but also makes you more marketable to future employers.

Here are four things that students should look to gain from their college experience:

1. People skills
There is perhaps nothing more vital to a student’s future success than learning how to analyze people. Contrary to popular belief, people skills involve more than being well-liked. In addition to developing a keen intuition on how to communicate with others, developing people skills also requires a tremendous amount of patience because it involves building meaningful relationships.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a campus leader or any other role in the community, you will continuously build relationships with people you interact with.

What will set you apart from the rest, however, is your ability to connect with people on a deeper level. This involves reaching out to those in your life and maintaining connections.

Practice building and maintaining relationships by providing yourself with social outlets to meet new people. And then, hold on to those relationships; the connections you make in college could lead to lifelong friendships and an unexpectedly well-connected network.

2. Exposure to multicultural activities
In today’s diverse society, exposure to multicultural activities is a must to distinguish yourself. At K-State, organizations such as the International Student Center and the International Coordinating Council are constantly hosting programs and events to encourage cross-culture interaction. Many of these programs are free or of little cost to students.

Take advantage of these opportunities; it never hurts to learn something from a different culture. Art exhibitions, dance and music shows, banquets and other such events can help expose you to a new world.

What’s more, as a professional, you never know where you’ll end up working. In a globalized economy, you may be asked to work in places with developing markets such as India, China or Brazil.

I promise you, going to a place like India will be a much more pleasant experience if you’ve had a round of curry and listened to some Bollywood music before.

3. The ability to work in high pressure situations
One of the first questions I was asked in some recent internship interviews was, “Describe a time that you handled stress well.”

As students, many of us handle rigorous workloads. Tests come in waves, and semesters are filled with various tasks for classes.

But recruiters have heard all this before. What makes you different?

Successfully answering a question like this involves two things: actively putting yourself in high-pressure situations and coming out of those situations with a positive result.

Examples of high-stress situations could be problems that you have faced in student organizations you are involved in, academic struggles that you have overcome, obstacles in the workplace or even personal hurdles that you have conquered.

At the end of the day, it is crucial to demonstrate the ability to stand strong under pressure. Not everything in the real world goes according to plan, but learning how to adjust and adapt is crucial to your future success. 

4. Analytical/problem solving skills
Problem solving is another important skill to pick up while in college. Many students, unfortunately, use techniques of brute memorization. Although this approach may work for some basic classes, the higher up you progress in your degree track (and in life in general), the more you will need to think critically.

In many behavioral interviews, students will be given a hypothetical scenario and then asked to provide a detailed answer.

Critical thinking skills will allow you to approach these types of problems conceptually. 

As a student, learn how to study your curriculum to understand and master the subject instead of learning it for the next test. Remember, you are going to need some of this information for much longer than this semester.

In fact, your career may depend on it, so give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Andy Rao is a junior in finance and accounting. Please send comments to news@kstatecollegian.com.

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