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Economics Personal Statement
Examination of any quality newspaper will probably demonstrate that more of the headlines address economic problems than any other topic. The importance and relevance of economic related disciplines to the modern world have led me to want to pursue the study of the subject at a higher level...

Mathematics Personal Statement
I have always been fascinated by my mathematical studies and, having a flair for the subject, there was never any doubt that I would choose mathematics as a degree. It is a pivotal subject on which so many others depend (such as physics and chemistry)...

Accounting and Finance Personal Statement
It was when I earned my first pound at the age of ten washing my mother's car that I became interested in the power of money. Over time it became clear to me that the people who understand the monetary and banking system are capable of understanding the decisions made by governments and the future of society...

Law Personal Statement
The subject of law fascinates me extensively. I am intrigued by developments in the law and the way that it adapts to an ever-changing society. I feel I would be suited to a law degree as I am at my best when challenged, relish the opportunity of lateral thinking and enjoy evaluating the microcosm of human relations...

Maths and Philosophy Personal Statement
I believe that there are two ways to look at how the world develops: the first is through the progress of history and human civilisation, and the second is through the progress of knowledge and human understanding...

History Personal Statement
I am captivated by the diversity and depth offered by a History degree; attracted by the way it encourages us to be analytical of the values and patterns of past societies. It was in my final year of secondary school that I was awarded the History Attainment Award, although my desire to study History dates back to an earlier age when I visited the site of the allied landings in Normandy at just eleven years old...

Mathematics and Computer Science Personal Statement
When asked why I like Mathematics, I realised that it is all down to my personality. Being a composed, explicit person, I enjoy the challenge of questions with unequivocal answers. My character’s orderly side draws me enthusiastically towards neat solutions, my creativity gives rise to my acceptance of new ideas and my positive mind results in my wish to succeed...

History Personal Statement
Recently, I found out that my grandma was gambled into slavery for seven years. She escaped her prison and made her way back to Hong Kong, 300 miles south. I was amazed at how courageous she was. This personal discovery led me to read Jung Chang's 'Wild Swans' which made me both proud and ashamed of my heritage...

Economics & Management Personal Statement
Being born and brought up in a country where an uneven distribution of income is a norm, the poor live on a minimum wage of Rupees 115 a day, whilst the billionaires form the sixth largest group in the world...

Computer Science Personal Statement
I find it amazing to watch as the digital revolution sculpts society at a rate that has never before been seen; there is so much to still be discovered. Quantum computing is a topic that particularly interests me, stemming from my studies and keen interest in physics...

Politics and International Relations Personal Statement
Politics and International Relations have always captivated me. Being closely connected to Israel, where political stability and good relations with her neighbours are considered luxuries, I have seen the importance of both politics and international relations for providing a safer future...

Mathematics and Economics Personal Statement
As Pythagoras may have said, (Ambitious)2 + (Bold)2 = (Critical thinker)2 makes a perfect student and is what I strive to be. From the simple Pythagorean to the complex Fermat's Last Theorem, mathematics is a never ending branch of study which I enthusiastically enjoy studying and why I wish to pursue it even further at university...

Biomedical Science/Neuroscience Personal Statement
The limitless potential of the life sciences and the opportunity for world-changing breakthroughs are both exciting and compelling to me. Upon hearing about a disease for the first time, I am eager to find out more about the precise ways in which it affects the body, which has led me to spend much time researching the details of various diseases...

Mathematics and Physics Personal Statement
Mathematics is a fundamental tool for understanding our world: it can be used to define the symmetry of flowers or to manage global companies. What is so appealing about mathematics is the opportunity of applying it in the physical world...

Geography Personal Statement (Russell Group)
Geography is the study of the world, and as geographers we hold the keys to the world’s problems. Geography encompasses many things from natural disasters, eco-systems, to globalisation and development, all of which are areas which fascinate me...

Languages Personal Statement
At the age of eight, a friend introduced me to Guy Hamilton's 1969 film 'Battle of Britain'. This instilled in me two things: my doomed childhood ambition to be a Spitfire pilot, long since grudgingly abandoned, but also, perhaps ironically, a love for the sound and feel of the German language that has stayed with me all through the intervening decade...

Psychology Personal Statement
Psychology encapsulates every aspect of our lives. From childhood, the reasons behind why we do what we do has fascinated me; and when I was disciplined for the type of mischief that one commits at a young age, my reasoning for my actions were always “To see what would happen...

English Literature Personal Statement
When I saw Gatz, John Collin's eight hour interpretation of The Great Gatsby, I noticed that Fitzgerald changes the colour of Daisy's hair every time he describes it. It is "like a dash of blue paint", "yellowy" like her daughters and then "dark, shining"...

Biology Personal Statement
From a childhood fascination with prehistoric life to the creation of my science revision YouTube channel (MrBioTom1), my enthusiasm for biology continues to be a major focus and joy in my life. As a child of six reading books about dinosaurs and birds I found comparing their anatomy intriguing and was fascinated to learn that dinosaurs evolved into the birds we see today...

Chemistry Personal Statement
Science is not just a subject taken in school, or a body of knowledge; it is a state of mind as well – always inquisitive and wondering. As a child, the world around me constantly captivated me and inspired questions, and I found delight in having my questions answered, always wanting to learn more, from fundamental particles, to atoms and molecules, to organisms, planets, and the universe...

French and Italian Personal Statement
I see speaking a foreign language as a key to a door opening up a new world of possibilities and opportunities. As a child my mother insisted I learned another language, she told me to grab any possible open window for a life beyond my own imagination...

Geography Personal Statement
In a dynamic world, the study of geography is increasingly important. The diversity of the subject and the interaction between the physical environment and human population is becoming even more evident with climate change and globalisation influencing our everyday lives...

Mathematics and Economics Personal Statement
Every day we make decisions and interact with others; the laws of economics help us make rational choices and consider the irrationality of others, as well as understand the world better. Maths and statistics are the necessary tools for me to understand the modern economics...

Physics Personal Statement (International Student)
Some people believe there is no universal key to the mysteries of the world, but I am convinced otherwise. Since early childhood when my parents, both physicists by training, patiently answered all my why-questions and encouraged me in my fascination with astronomy, I have been thinking of Physics as the perfect science that can unveil all the secrets that fascinate humanity...

Maths and Economics Personal Statement
By skimming through a daily broadsheet or examining journals such as ‘The Economist’ it is clear to see that economic issues affect everyone both locally as well as on a global scale. However, I have been interested by Mathematics for many years and have found my enjoyment for it has increased as the depth of my understanding has grown...

Economics and Politics/Geography Personal Statement
My desire to study Economics in combination with the Social Sciences stems primarily from my interest in these fields but also from the fact that these two disciplines compliment each other exceptionally well...

Anthropology and Archaeology Personal Statement
My interest in culture first started when I began to attend my local Hindu Temple with my friend in primary school. I was highly interested in how her surroundings differed from my own and enjoyed immersing myself in her way of life...

Law Personal Statement
The spectre of global terrorism is prevalent. Fundamental civil liberties are under threat, not only by those who seek to destroy our society, but also by those who have been charged with the task of safeguarding it...

Pharmacology/Neuroscience Personal Statement
I enjoy studying science because it is a subject that encompasses so much of life's issues and practicalities, and a subject that can be applied and made useful to everyday life. Biological science is fascinating but it is even more exciting when studying abnormal function in medical science, from the facts in pathology to the application in pharmacology...

Pure Mathematics Personal Statement
Mathematics is beautiful to me because of the deep and meaningful ideas touched upon by it, the vastness of these ideas, the clearness and elegance of their representation. Mathematics gives me the ability to apply knowledge by approaching things logically, and thinking clearly...

Medicine Personal Statement
Ever since I accidentally burnt holes in my pyjamas after experimenting with a chemistry set on my 8th Birthday, I have always had a passion for science. Following several hospital visits during my teenage years to explore my interest, the idea of a career that would exploit my humanity and problem-solving abilities always made medicine a natural choice...

Law Personal Statement
My desire to study law at university is firmly rooted in my interest in world events and also with helping others. Law effects our everyday lives almost without us noticing. If we look at the news, there is always an aspect of law up for debate...

Economics & Politics Personal Statement
My perception of the world changed on September the 11th 2001, when I returned home from school to find that a terrorist organisation had attacked the World Trade Centre. The attack destroyed my feeling of security, provoking me to probe and question the world around me in a way I hadn't before and sparking my interest in current affairs...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement
If I were to describe myself in one word, it would definitely be inquisitive. Since young, I have always been eager to know how things work and what the principles that lie within them are. Hence I have always enjoyed science-related subjects particularly Mathematics and Physics...

History, Politics and Economics Personal Statement
It may sound exaggerated, but I genuinely love History, and it has become a part of my life for over four years. As contemporary political events have increasingly become my main concern in recent years, Politics and Economics are also my favourite subjects...

French and Italian Personal Statement
Before I participated in a French Exchange to Montelimar in 2005, I had found French interesting but didn't particularly think that it would be important in my longer term career aims. However, whilst in Montelimar, I found myself fully immersed in French culture and began to realise the breadth and beauty of the language and the importance of being able to express myself effectively in another language...

Politics Personal Statement
The unpredictability of politics is what makes it such a fascinating subject for me. A particular topic that sparked my interest is the extremely volatile relationship between one established superpower and one rising giant: the USA and India...

Physiology/Medical Sciences Personal Statement
The human body is arguably the most complex life form that has ever existed. Studying how the body works helps us to comprehend the many processes that maintain health and find better treatment for diseases...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement
Civil engineering is a discipline which is essential in the modern world: roads, bridges, airports, railways, sewage works and power stations all provide the fabric of today's society, and without them the world would be a very different place...

Pharmacology and Human Sciences Personal Statement
From the race to find a vaccine for the H1N1 virus to the almost daily reports of breakthroughs in the field of cancer research, science has always fascinated me.On a more personal note, my interest has largely stemmed from school, work experiences, and science in the news...

Religious Studies Personal Statement
I find it inspiring to be in the presence of other people who are seeking understanding of themselves, and the most intense experience I can remember is when I attended a Baptism where I witnessed the transformation people would undergo...

Economics Personal Statement
Having been born in the UK, with parents from Delhi and Kenya, I feel my background has given me an internationally diverse outlook. In my travels, I have met with both the affluence of Europe and the poverty existing in India...

Computer Science Personal Statement
Advances in Computer and Information Technology over the past few decades have brought about revolution in science, medicine, education, business, and entertainment. I wish to be part of the future revolution and that is why I want to study Computer Science...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement
My interest in technology began at a young age when I became curious about how the television worked. I didn't believe there were tiny people inside, as explained by my father, and with other appliances like the radio, I found myself eager to understand how they functioned...

Psychology Personal Statement
Since embarking on the A level course 16 months ago I have decided to devote my life to working in Psychology. I am struck by the way Psychological research has impacted all areas of life, but also how much there is yet to understand...

Economics and Economic History Personal Statement
Over the past few years I have developed a strong interest in the Economic history of the UK. I have become interested in how the UK's economic policy over centuries has built the UK into one of the world's most economically developed countries today...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement
Engineering, the result of the equation : Scientific knowledge + Mathematics, with the purpose of creating processes from which all Earth's inventions develop. It is a concept which dates back from the early beginning...

Maths and Science Personal Statement
Maths and science, in particular physics, have always been my favourite subjects in school. I have an inquisitive mind and am always asking "how?" and "why?" to find out how things work. I chose maths, physics and biology for my A levels, yet only realised I wanted to do engineering when I started studying topics such as mechanics...

English Literature Personal Statement
I believe that to read English is to read the human being itself: after all, we are all writers. Even in the very act of choosing our words - thinking them, speaking them, physically writing them down - we create something meaningful...

Philosophy, Politics & Economics Personal Statement
I am very interested in the upcoming election and how the different parties' attitudes to business and welfare will affect the vote and the eventual success of the country. I wish to study a course that will provide me with a thorough insight into the political and economic impact of our national decisions...

Geography Personal Statement
If I said ‘I’ve loved geography since an early age’, I’d be lying. Although I loved our family holidays, which have always been seen as expeditions, I didn’t think it was ‘geography’ until I started using places I’d been to as examples in geography lessons...

International Relations Personal Statement
The Middle East has always been a political hot zone, at the center of international disputes which gain worldwide attention. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the region has acted as a battlefield for other nations, making stability in the area an impossible feat...

Psychology Personal Statement
To what extent should we humans accept things the way they are? When should we seek deep meanings and what are the circumstances that convert simple unambiguous certainties into complex facts? These and many other questions have aroused in me a keen interest in Psychology...

Chemistry Personal Statement
My passion for science became apparent when I had a 'light bulb' moment during my time at college. Throughout school it wasn't really clear which career path I should take as I have an aptitude for most subjects creative as well as the scientific aspects of the curriculum...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement
I grew up as a boy who loves robots and motorbikes very much. Thus, I love things that move especially those that are related to engines. I started to be really passionate about mechanical engineering when I learned about the control system when I was in high school...

Human Sciences Personal Statement
Perhaps what makes me different from other University applicants is that I have ambition to understand multidimensional human life. It is not the appeal of a top qualification or the zesty student lifestyle that attracts me to this course; but it is the long-term knowledge and answers to interdisciplinary human problems, and the enigmas that I will commit a lifetime investigating with perhaps no solution, that inspires me to apply...

Medicine Personal Statement
Given that over ninety nine percent of the body consists of just six elements, it is hard to imagine the human body as an intricately synchronised and immensely complex machine. Yet, it has done well to puzzle even the brightest minds in history-but I am drawn to a challenge; I cannot think of anything else more fascinating to work with...

Medicine Personal Statement
Growing up in a developing country during a war, I have been through a lot. Having spent most of my childhood in hospital, being treated for severe injuries. I have come to realize how incredibly complex and vulnerable the human body is...

Government/Politics Personal Statement
The power and influence of Governments around the world has always intrigued me. That the decisions of a handful of people should have such enormous effects across the globe is a concept by which I am both excited and terrified...

History Personal Statement
I have always cared passionately about my academic endeavours, from reading as widely as possible in my English and history A levels to carrying out an investigating into the antibiotic effects of indigenous poisonous plants in biology...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement
The Three Gorges Dam, the 2335m concrete wonder holding back 39.3 cu km of water, powering 9 provinces and 2 cities, slows down the rotation of the earth by 0.06 microseconds. It is testament to the awesome potential of Civil Engineering to reshape the environment, push the boundaries of physical possibilities while making a real impact by solving practical problems and ultimately, engineer awe-inspiring contributions...

Biology Personal Statement
Although my fascination with Biology is rooted in my academic study, its seeds were planted long before. I still recall the simple childhood awe I felt travelling down the River Nile, or the exhilaration of passing through valleys of dipterocarp forests in my father's native Malaysia...

English Literature and Sociology Personal Statement
Since I have begun to study A Level English Literature, it is the way in which writers use expression within their writing to influence and manipulate the reader's emotions which has most intrigued me...

Aeronautical Engineering Personal Statement
Aircraft is one of the major contributions of all time. The intricate engineering behind Aircraft, Space Shuttle and Satellite really captivates me. The work of Aerospace engineers is quite challenging as they apply their acquired knowledge of Mathematics and Physics to design such major products to satisfy real world necessities...

Neuroscience Personal Statement
The application of scientific knowledge to understanding how humans, and the creatures around us, function and react with each other has always been a source of wonder to me. The opportunity to combine a scientific understanding of processes and structure of the nervous system and brain with knowledge of applications relevant to our own behaviour, including those of a clinical kind, makes neuroscience such an attractive prospect to me...

Biology/Natural Sciences Personal Statement
I do not have to look far to find the source of my love of science. Just glancing around my living room my eyes fall upon a whole host of fascinating different organisms, seen and unseen they create a brilliant miniature ecosystem with billions of tiny processes and reactions for me to sit and unpick...

Medicine Personal Statement
While the idea to care for others is appealing to me, the applications of medicine for finding remedies to the complexities of the human body fascinates me even more. Studying medicine opens several career options from general practice to clinical research! Having the interest and aptitude for scientific knowledge and the awareness to promote health safety, it encourages me to choose this highly rewarding and satisfying course...

Medicine Personal Statement
When two, I suffered a large third degree burn on my chest. Living in a small town in Romania, I was not able to get appropriate treatment, so I grew up with complexes about the aesthetical appearance of the scar...

Economics Personal Statement
When asked 'Why do you want to study economics?' I have always struggled to find a concise answer. There are so many reasons why I would want to study the subject, and this made explaining such an answer quite difficult...

German Personal Statement
The study of language has always been appealing and is the focus of much of my time and energy, but the study of the German language is what mesmerises me most. Before understanding German I was first intrigued by its sound, and as I began to learn it, I became fascinated by its complexity...

Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement
From the age of three when I got my first pet, I have always held a strong passion for animals and their wellbeing. Whether I was helping to take care of my cats or visiting the local stables, I have been surrounded by animals from birth...

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement
The aerospace industry is at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of technological advancement at an exponential rate. The design and manufacture of craft that can defy the limits of our world, or go beyond the decree of nature, is arguably the pinnacle of engineering in the world today...

Politics Personal Statement
In the Oxford English Dictionary, politics is merely described as the science and art of government. I disagree; it is much more than that. Politics applies to everything we do, it is innate and has been since long before any government existed...

History Personal Statement
History has always fascinated me because of what it can tell us about humanity; the decisions taken, the actions chosen and the mistakes made can all make us reflect on what it means to be human. I firmly believe history is not simply a case of learning facts and dates but rather a chance to analyse the past, enhancing our understanding of how we interact with each other today...

Politics and Sociology Personal Statement
Everyone wants to 'change the world' when they are young. I was no exception, but it is only as I have matured and watched events unfold that I realised the importance of politics and sociology within society...

Media Studies Personal Statement
When I was nine years old, I would secretly read a Lord of the Rings book after bedtime with a flashlight with all the enthusiasm of, well, a child. Nobody was more excited than I when we went to watch the film adaptation, and, needless to say, I was mesmerized - not only by the effects, but also by the design of its posters, websites and trailers that all did justice to the film...

Mathematics Personal Statement
The challenge of problem solving has always been key to my passion for mathematics. For me, the satisfaction gained from systematically working through a complex problem to an often unobvious solution is unmatched by other areas of study...

Maths Personal Statement
Mathematics dictates our understanding of the universe; the sciences that the world depends on today are founded and dependant on maths. Scientists and mathematicians spend their lives making remarkable discoveries contributing to the development of humanity, the findings we have been making in fields like quantum mechanics would be completely impossible without maths...

Medicine Personal Statement
White coats, stethoscopes hung around necks and the sense of playing hero were popular amongst childhood dreams. However, unlike others around me, this dream was not lost when I realised reality paved a much tougher road- instead, it grew to become a fierce ambition...

Psychology Personal Statement
We are all psychologists; we observe people everywhere that we go. We make decisions constantly influenced by stereotypes and perceptions of people. I am keen to find out why we do it. Is it an innate ability or is it through interactional learning? From an early age I have always been interested in Psychology to try and find answers to questions that some say are unanswerable...

Management Personal Statement
Lack of management can lead to disastrous outcomes, and my home country, Russia, has suffered from these in dramatic proportions for decades. Its business inefficiency has led to people being devastated by unemployment and poverty, including my own family...

Biology Personal Statement
Every decision I have made in the last four years has been fuelled by the one goal of pursuing my interest in Biology. I have always been a keen Biologist, wanting to know how insects move, why some trees drop their leaves every autumn and how my heart beats every second of the day...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement
These days, we are surrounded by engineering marvels. From radios to space shuttles, everything involves a vital feat of engineering. That is what I find most attractive about this field as its application is everywhere...

Electrical Engineering Personal Statement
The defining wonder of today’s age is electricity. In just two centuries, we have come from Faraday’s crude but prophetic experiments to devices just a square inch that can calculate in seconds what the most gifted of human minds might take days...

Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement
Having spent most of my early childhood abroad and the rest in an international school, English has become my primary language. Despite being fluent in my native language, Vietnamese, I prefer using English most of the time, especially when it comes to studying...

Politics & International Relations Personal Statement
Growing up in a family directly affected by the Biafran War has greatly contributed to my interest in Politics and International Relations. My mother's stories about the nomadic life forced upon her family made me examine the reasons why countries go to war...

International Relations Personal Statement
Since visiting Cairo in 2009 and hearing first-hand of the contempt towards the police force and government I have held an enduring interest in the politics of other nations. This is why I was struck to see my twitter feed overrun with updates on the Arab Spring and later the global Occupy movements...

Engineering Personal Statement
When I was a child, most of the sentences I spoke out finished with a question mark, asking how everyday things work. Receiving answers to these questions and learning more about Mathematics and Physics has enlarged my desire to make human life easier and become an Engineer...

Computer Science Personal Statement
Computer Science - the most exciting insight into humanity's mission to conquer the future. It has been my favourite and most fascinating preoccupation since childhood, though back then I did not even know it...

Biomedical Science Personal Statement
How one mutation can cause a malignant tumour or change the genetic material which is then passed to the next generation interests me. The challenges which are within the human body and the diseases which can change it easily are also a fascination...

Anthropology Personal Statement
Coming from a mixed religious background, the comparison between cultural practices has touched me deeply, personally and profoundly. I have been able to observe the influence of culture on people's perspectives and world views...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement
My decision to study engineering stems from a desire to contribute to the evolution of society through a process that does not just define our environment but our era. My personal inspiration is the Segovia aqueduct, an 800m long, 30 metre high Roman marvel which still stands today...

Geography Personal Statement
Geography is an all-encompassing subject where the geography of the past helps us to understand the present and forecast the future. I am particularly interested in the inter-relationships between physical and human Geography...

Civil Engineering Personal Statement
Aged 4, my favourite question was "why?". This eventually developed into "Why is the sky blue", "Why does 2 plus 2 equal four", and after the first time I crossed the Severn Bridge, "Why does that stand up?"...

Geology Personal Statement
Geology acts as a spyglass into the past, enabling us to understand the ancient environment and how its evolution is a key component to our survival. Through the study of Mineralogy and Palaeontology I have understood the importance of unravelling the earth's structure and mineral composition for both environmental and human benefit...

Earth Science/Geology Personal Statement
Everyone wakes up in the morning hoping to achieve something in life. That ‘something’ is what keeps them going every day. For me, it is my strong desire to contribute to society. I believe the best way to do that is by helping them understand the earth’s mechanism and how to maximise its potential to not just complement our lives but to make it better...

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Accounting and Finance, MSc
Accounting and Finance, PhD
Accounting, Finance and Management, MSc
Advanced Composites, MSc
Advanced Composites, PhD
Advanced Computing - Creative Technology, MSc
Advanced Computing - Machine Learning, Data Mining and High-Performance Computing, MSc
Advanced Computing, MSc
Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering, MSc
Advanced Quantitative Methods, MRes
Advanced Quantitative Methods, PhD
Advanced Social Work with Children and Families, MSc
Aerospace Engineering, PhD
Anatomy, PhD
Applied Neuropsychology, MSc
Applied Neuropsychology, PG Dip
Archaeology and Anthropology, PhD
Banking, Regulation and Financial Stability, MSc
Biochemistry, PhD
Biological Sciences, PhD
Biomedical Engineering, MSc
Biomedical Sciences Research, MSc
Biophysics and Molecular Life Sciences, MSc
Black Humanities, MA
Cellular and Molecular Medicine, PhD
Chemical Synthesis (EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training), PhD
Chemistry, PhD
Chinese-English Translation, MA
Civil Engineering, PhD
Classics and Ancient History, PhD
Climate Change Science and Policy, MSc
Clinical Conscious Sedation and Anxiety Management, PG Cert
Clinical Neuropsychology, MSc
Clinical Neuropsychology, PG Dip
Clinical Neuropsychology Practice, PG Cert
Clinical Oral Surgery, PG Cert
Commercial Law, LLM
Communication Networks and Signal Processing, MSc
Communications (EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training), PhD
Comparative Literatures and Cultures, MA
Complexity Sciences, PhD
Composites Manufacture, EngD
Composition of Music for Film and Television, MA
Computer Science (conversion), MSc
Computer Science, PhD
Condensed Matter Physics (EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training), PhD
Contemporary Identities, MSc
Dental Implantology, MSc
Development and Security, MSc
Disability Studies, PhD
Disability Studies: Inclusive Theory and Research, MSc
Dynamic Molecular Cell Biology (Wellcome Trust), PhD
Earthquake Engineering and Infrastructure Resilience, MSc
Earth Sciences, PhD
East Asian Development and the Global Economy, MSc
Economics and Finance, MSc
Economics, Accounting and Finance, MSc
Economics, Finance and Management, MSc
Economics, MRes
Economics, MSc
Economics, PhD
Education (Hong Kong), EdD
Education (Hong Kong), MSc
Education (Leadership and Policy), MSc
Education (Learning, Technology and Society), MSc
Education (Mathematics Education), MSc
Education (Neuroscience and Education), MSc
Education (Policy and International Development), MSc
Education (Secondary), PGCE
Education (Special and Inclusive Education), MSc
Education (Teaching and Learning), MSc
Education Management (Bristol), MSc
Education Management (Hong Kong), MSc
Education, MSc
Education, PhD
Education: Learning, Leadership and Policy, EdD
Educational Leadership (Teach First), MSc
Educational Psychology, DEdPsy
Educational Research, MSc
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, PhD
Engineering Mathematics, MSc
Engineering Mathematics, PhD
English Literature, MA
English Literature, PhD
Environmental Policy and Management, MSc
Ethnicity and Multiculturalism, MSc
European and Global Governance, MSc
European Legal Studies, LLM
Exercise, Nutrition and Health, PhD
Experimental Psychology (Conversion), MSc
Film and Television, MA
Film and Television, PhD
Finance and Investment, MSc
French, PhD
Functional Nanomaterials (EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training), PhD
Gender and International Relations, MSc
General Legal Studies, LLM
Geographical Sciences (Human Geography), PhD
Geographical Sciences (Physical Geography), PhD
German, PhD
Global Political Economy, MRes
Global Political Economy, PhD
Global Wildlife Health and Conservation, MSc
Graduate Diploma Economics
GW4+ Doctoral Training Partnership (NERC), PhD
Health and Wellbeing, MRes
Health and Wellbeing, PhD
Health, Law and Society, LLM
Health Sciences Research (Translational Cardiovascular Medicine), MRes
Health Sciences Research, MRes
Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, PhD
History of Art, MA
History of Art, PhD
History, MA
History, PhD
Human Geography: Society and Space, MSc
Human Rights Law, LLM
Image and Video Communications and Signal Processing, MSc
Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MSc
Integrative Cardiovascular Science (BHF), PhD
International Commercial Law, LLM
International Development, MSc
International Law and International Relations, LLM
International Law, LLM
International Relations, MSc
International Security, MSc
Italian, PhD
Labour Law and Corporate Governance, LLM
Law and Globalisation, LLM
Law, MA
Law, PhD
Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics, MA
Management, MSc
Management (Entrepreneurship), MSc
Management (International Business), MSc
Management (Marketing), MSc
Management (Operations and Project Management), MSc
Management, PhD
Marketing, MSc
Mathematical Sciences, MSc
Mathematics, PhD
Mathematics of Cybersecurity, MSc
Mechanical Engineering, PhD
Medieval Studies, MA
Medieval Studies, PhD
Migration and Mobility Studies, MSc
Molecular Neuroscience, MSc
Molecular, Genetic and Lifecourse Epidemiology (Wellcome Trust), PhD
Music, MA
Music, PhD
Nanoscience and Functional Nanomaterials, MSc
Neural Dynamics (Wellcome Trust), PhD
Nuclear Science and Engineering, MSc
Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health, MSc
Optical Communications and Signal Processing, MSc
Oral and Dental Sciences, PhD
Oral Medicine, MSc
Orthodontics (Doctorate in Dental Surgery), DDS
Palaeobiology, MSc
Perfusion Science, MSc
Philosophy and History of Science, MA
Philosophy of Biological and Cognitive Sciences, MA
Philosophy of Physics, MA
Philosophy, MA
Philosophy, PG Dip
Philosophy, PhD
Physics, PhD
Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, PhD
Policy Research, MSc
Population Health Sciences, PhD
Postgraduate Dental Studies, PG Dip
Pre-sessional English language course (for non-offer holders)
Pre-sessional English language course (for offer holders)
Psychology (Experimental), PhD
Psychology of Education BPS, MSc
Public Health, MSc
Public Law, LLM
Public Policy, MSc
Quantum Engineering (EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training), PhD
Religion and Theology, PhD
Religion, MA
Reproduction and Development, MSc
Robotics and Autonomous Systems - FARSCOPE (EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training), PhD
Robotics, MSc
Russian and Czech, PhD
Security, Conflict and Human Rights, MRes
Security, Conflict and Human Rights, PhD
Social and Cultural Theory, MSc
Social Policy, PhD
Social Science Research Methods (Management), MSc
Social Science Research Methods (Politics/International Relations), MSc
Social Science Research Methods (Sociology), MSc
Social Work Research, MSc
Social Work, MSc
Social Work, PhD
Socio-Legal Studies, MSc
Sociology, MSc
Sociology, Politics and International Studies, PhD
South West Biosciences - SWBio (BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership), PhD
South West Doctoral Training Partnership (ESRC), PhD
South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership (AHRC), PhD
Stem Cells and Regeneration, MSc
Strategy, Change and Leadership, MSc
Sustainable Futures, MRes
Sustainable Futures, PhD
Synthetic Biology (EPSRC and BBSRC Centre for Doctoral Training), PhD
Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals, MSc
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), MSc
Theatre and Performance, PhD
Theoretical and Practical Clinical Neuropsychology, PG Dip
Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences, MSc
Translation, MA
Translation, PhD
Translational Cardiovascular Medicine, MSc
Translational Health Sciences, PhD
Veterinary Clinical Practice, PG Dip
Veterinary Science, MSc
Veterinary Sciences, PhD
Volcanology, MSc
Water and Environmental Management, MSc
Wireless Communications and Signal Processing, MSc
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