High School Bio Assignments

Go to LESSON PLANS to the far right column to see what we are doing in class.  Assignments are listed below

Biology Assignments for August   2016

Due August 21—signature forms/parent consent forms  (if needed, download from Biology Lesson Plans, see date first week of school)

Due August 22—Learning Assessment (if needed, download from Biology Lesson Plans, see date first week of school)

Due  August 28   Biology in the News; select an article in a news paper, magazine, TV or internet that is relevant to biology—i.e. cancer research, cells, microscopes, climate change, pollution, genetics, evolution, disease, human body advances, etc and answer the questions  (if needed, download worksheet from Biology Lesson Plans, see date first week of school)  (On Demand Writing Assessment)

Due August 29   Data Analysis Practice  complete worksheet handed out in class

Due August 29   Scientific Scenarios   complete worksheet handed out in class  (On Demand Writing Assessment)

Due August 29    Finish reading Chapter 1 of textbook

Due Augest 29    Microscope Lab worksheets  (done in class)



Due Sept 3   Webquest on www.classzone.com under ACTIVITIES for Chapter 2  Prions and Public Health  (On Demand Writing Assessment)

Due Sept 8 (done in class)  page 53  questions #1-5  include question in your answer

Due Sept 9  Page 49  answer two questions--include question in answer; read chapter 2

Due Sept 19 Cells and Organelles worksheet (see Sept 18 download)

Due Sept 22 Cell Diversity and Cell Comparison worksheet (see Sept 18 download)  (On Demand Writing Assessment)

Due Sept 23 Modeling the Cell Membrane (in class lab)

Due Sept 24  in class computer lab worksheet on cells

Due Sept 30  Creating a Model Cell base on structures or function (see rubric handed out in class)

Due Sept 30  Page 87 questions 1 & 2 AND Page 91 questions 1-3, include the question in the answer  (On Demand Writing Assessment)

Due October 2--Pg 97  questions 1-6   write the question number and the corresponding correct answer's letter next to it.

October 10   Study Guide Cell Structure and Function---handed out in class 9/23 for note taking purposes.

October 31  page 147 questions #1-5 and page 150 questions #1-5  include question in your answer.  (On Demand Writing Assessment)

November 3  page 161  questions 1-6.  Give letter to answer.

November 7   Apopotosis research (see handout given out in class for rubric)

November 10   Modeling Meiosis Lab  (completed in class)

November 12  Analyzing Genetic Data  page 172 textbook  (completed in class)

November 13  Selective Breeding Webquest (www.classzone.com) and questions at the end of Match Maker http://mnzoo.org/games/matchmaker/index.html

November 14   Build a Dog lab--completed in class

November 18   Page 185  TestCross --completed in class  diagram 3 test crosses for PP x Pp; PP x pp; Ppx Pp and answer questions #1-4

December 1   Page 191  completed in class questions #3. 4, and 5

December 2  computer lab--Go to:  www.classzone.com  complete Unit 3 Genetics Chapter 8 Transgenic Organisms Webquest, complete questions to turn in at the end of class today; then go to computer interactive:  http://biomanbio.com/GamesandLabs/Genegames/genetics.html 




January 6-25   Read Chapter 8

January 9  Double Helix Packet

January 12  DNA structure lab

January 20  Page 255 in textbook questions #1-6  (complete sentences--include question in your answer)

January 26  Darwin's Dangerous Idea DVD notes

January 29  Great Transformations DVD notes

February 3  Why Sex? DVD notes  (sex driving evolution)

February 5  Extinction DVD notes

February 6  page 337--Quick Lab on Genetic Drift  complete lab and answer questions (include question in your answer))

Feb 9   Animated biology chapters 9-12

Feb 10  Go to www.classzone.com  Select Webquest, Unit4-Evolution Chapter 10 Dinosaur Descendants Write the questions at the end of the lab on a separate sheet of paper to turn in.  then complete Unit 4-Evolution Chapter 11  Speciation in Action  Write the questions at the end of the lab on a separate sheet of paper to turn in.

If time go to :  Activities, Data Analysis  Chapter 11:  Genetic Drift  graph allele frequency overtime and turn the graphed work and questions at the end of class.  If this is not completed in class, then it is homework that is due the next day at the start of class

Feb 11-12 Natural Selection Lab Write Up

February 17    Page 381--Geologic Clock  include question in your answer

March 2

March 10

In class computer lab 



  1.  Go to www.classzone.com; click on Animated Biology, Unit 6-Classification and complete the two Chapter 17 interactives--Molecular Clock and Build a Cladogram.  Print out each to hand in.

2.  Go to  www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/nature/classifying-life.html  Complete all three interactives and print out each page as you complete them.

  375 in textbook; provide a legend for your graph and answer questions 1 and 2 

 Geologic Clock Quick Labto be copmleted in class    page 381   use the geologic chart on page 366 to help you set up your clock.  Then answer the next 2 questions.

Textbook Questions  See page 461 in textbook; complete questions #1-5 and include the question in your answers. 

  • Stride Inferences to be completed in class---complete Lab found on page 384 of textbook--Stride Inferences Lab

Human Body In Class computer lab

April 17 Body System Challenge complete the worksheet handed out in class--word search and place of the organ in the correct system see download on April 16 biology lesson plans

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