Computer And Our Future Essay

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...Accountability and Ethics Computer Addiction and Cyber Crime Nick Nykodym The University of Toledo Sonny Ariss The University of Toledo Katarina Kurtz The University of Toledo This research explores the relationship between computer addiction and cyber crime. There is evidence of computer addiction in medical settings, scholarly journals and legal proceedings. Reviewing the history of computer addiction has shown that computer addiction can be related to cyber crime. This paper will define computer addiction, show how various cyber crimes, especially those against businesses and organizations, can be motivated by computer addiction and propose further research on how managers can deal with cyber crime in a business, by recognizing addictive behaviors and computer addiction in their employees. HISTORY OF COMPUTER ADDICTION Computer addiction is an idea that has been in existence for years. Since the 1970s, avid computer programmers and hackers have been called “addicts” by both psychologists and the general public (Reed, 2002, p. 135). In 1976, Weizenbaum wrote about computer programmers who could sit and work at their computer terminals for twenty or thirty hours at a time. This behavior however, was viewed at the time as useful to technology and society. Computers, once seen as huge government machines that only very knowledgeable people could use, transformed into user-friendly tools that could be used by the everyday person. It became more common to see computers in......

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The Future

...grave to us, yet if we were to possibly use wisdom, we may miss the pitfall all together. The wisdom of learning from the past, of individually taking control, making a change and not relying on the powers that be, is one strategy. “Makes me wonder if all the wisdom was given to King Solomon and none left for us”, but even he faltered. So then it begs to say is there any purpose, reason or hope. Do we just literally exist and go round on a cog wheel of time. Without straying too far from the point, there is allot of room left for speculation as to whether some of these conspiracy ideas are true. Were we just put here and are aimlessly wondering this planet. While I was doing this piece it brought up allot of question about the past, future, who we are, why we are here? How our world/universe came to be? Is this all about balance and not right or wrong? TECHNOLOGY seems to be our vice, we are moving very rapidly towards an I.ROBOT society where we become so reliant on technology, we become the vegetable scientist of the past predicted. We no longer seem to live in natural time and with nature. The sculpture is a representation of the state we are partially in and on our way to. The robot is to encompass technology and the era of humanoid robotics we are embarking on. Although IRobot was a movie, it does seem as if it could be a likely possibility of what is to come. With the woman half the size of the robot she is being torn apart as a representation of man’s state of......

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...What is Computer : Computer is an electronic device that is designed to work with Information.The term computer is derived from the Latin term ‘computare’, this means to calculate.Computer can not do anything without a represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digits. The Word 'Computer'usually refers to the Center Processor Unit plus Internal memory. Computer is an advanced electronic device that takes raw data as input from the user and processes these data under the control of set of instructions (called program) and gives the result (output) and saves output for the future use. It can process both numerical and non-numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.The basic components of a modern digital computer are: Input Device,Output Device,Central Processor. A Typical modern computer uses LSI Chips. Charles Babbage is called the "Grand Father" of the computer.The First mechanical computer designed by charles Babbage was called Analytical Engine. It uses read-only memory in the form of punch cards. Four Functions about computer are: accepts data | Input | processes data | Processing | produces output | Output | stores results | Storage | Input (Data): Input is the raw information entered into a computer from the input devices. It is the collection of letters, numbers, images etc. Process: Process is the operation of data as per given instruction. It is totally internal process of the computer system. Output:......

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The Future

...The Future -Social and cultural changes in human values and norms of behavior in businesses I think that first of all what we call a future could be happening in the next coming years or decades, since new types of technology and crazy touch-screen or laser objects are being used every day in our daily lives, even worst by children about 5 or 6 years old. Technology is not the only thing that has changed and is changing every day, something that we should really worry about is our own human values. This is our own social and cultural values, everything we have had since the moment we are born and also our norms in daily business that have been established year and years ago based on errors and important historical events, and by important business man and multinationals that had gave us the opportunity to experience what we are experiencing today. To answer the million dollar question we need to break it down into two separate parts; social and cultural changes; and norms of behavior in the world of business. The question is how these two factors will change in the future and how businesses will be done by that time. First, we need to determine our social and cultural values and those can be referred or seen as our ethical actions, and are our base of integrity in society. The way we think, act, behave, from a greeting to an interview or negotiation, these values or personal beliefs are definitely changing and even becoming extinct. Our values is the most fundamental......

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...What is the difference between forward and futures contracts? Fundamentally, forward and futures contracts have the same function: both types of contracts allow people to buy or sell a specific type of asset at a specific time at a given price. However, it is in the specific details that these contracts differ. First of all, futures contracts are exchangetraded and, therefore, are standardized contracts. Forward contracts, on the other hand, are private agreements between two parties and are not as rigid in their stated terms and conditions. Because forward contracts are private agreements, there is always a chance that a party may default on its side of the agreement. Futures contracts have clearing houses that guarantee the transactions, which drastically lowers the probability of default to almost never. Secondly, the specific details concerning settlement and delivery are quite distinct. For forward contracts, settlement of the contract occurs at the end of the contract. Futures contracts are marked-to-market daily, which means that daily changes are settled day by day until the end of the contract. Furthermore, settlement for futures contracts can occur over a range of dates. Forward contracts, on the other hand, only possess one settlement date. Lastly, because futures contracts are quite frequently employed by speculators, who bet on the direction in which an asset's price will move, they are usually closed out prior to maturity and delivery usually never happens. On......

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Computer Systems and the Future

...The Role of Computers in Our Future As far as computers in the future, I feel that they are going to play a major role. They will be in everyday life, in everything we do. There will be many areas affected by the wide use of computers. Areas such as: home, work, schools, automobiles, electronics, and humans. Although these areas are already affected, they will be even more as we move into the future. To begin this discussion I will show you the effects on the work place and humans. As for humans in the work place, work will become easier. So this means less stress for humans because the computers will be doing all the work. This in turn means that humans will be doing less and less because the computers will be slowly taking over. As for a human going to work, this may only consist of telling a computer what to do all day. Or even from your own home, waking up and telling your computer what to do so you do not even have to go into work. Now for communication with computers, this may get so advanced that your computer may even ask you questions about the work it is doing and that you are getting paid to do. So this is where I see computers going as far as work and humans. Now for computers in the schools, I feel we will soon have no books and all work will be done on computers. Even homework will be done on the internet and e-mailed to the teacher. Children will be taught about computers at a younger and younger age. This in turn will make the younger......

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...2014 Lavon Hawkins BIOS SUMMARY Lavon Hawkins BIOS SUMMARY BIOS BIOS: The BIOS is software which is stored on the motherboard. It tells the computer how to perform a number of basic functions such as booting and keyboard control. It is also used to identify and configure the hardware in a computer such as hard drive, floppy drive, optical drive, CPU, memory and so on. CMOS: The complementary metal oxide semiconductor is the type of semiconductor chip on the motherboard which stores the system information and computer settings such as date, time, hard drive settings, boot sequence, parallel part settings, on-base audio and video etc. Firmware: Firmware is a combination of software and hardware. Computer chips that have data or programs recorded on them are firmware. POST: The POST or power on self-test is a test the computer does when it first boots up. It’s to verify all the hardware is working. If all checks out it usually gives a single beep. If not a beep code could come up. Beep Code: A beep code is an audible code which is generated during the POST (Power On Self Test) when the BIOS has an issue but has not made it all the way up the boot sequence that it can give you the error as a message on the monitor BIOS update: Updating the BIOS can fix or enhance aspects of a computers performance. Or it may provide support for newly installed hardware. 1 Flash BIOS update: A BIOS chip that is capable of being written to by software or......

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Future Computers

...2009 “Future of Computers, What Do You Think?” Today we see a computer as something we sit down at. It’s a machine with a monitor, keyboard and a case. That’s what it is in today’s society, but what do you think the future of computers will become or even what they may be capable of? I think that computers in the near future won’t be on desks, won’t have a monitor, very small, no keyboard and no case, also as the future comes the computer definition will change, the computer itself will disappear, the computer might have ears, eyes etc. Future computers will be more human oriented, knowing how to track the users' behaviors and habits, thus better serving their individual needs. Everything we own know will become computers. Ex: watches, microwaves, doors etc. everything will be controlled by one network. Computers are already giving us access to large amounts of information. As the future nears computers will grow more intelligent and they would begin to design and build other computers. Computers in the future will be able to switch off for years, then start when turned on; very handy for travelers; they will be capable of controlling tiny machines and work together in networks to solve big problems. However I believe there will be negative results as computers increase and impact on our lives. We might become too dependent, we may never read books, and we would rely on computers rather than try to memorize it. There are a lot of things. Sitting down and using a computer......

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...Future of nuclear energy, what countries use it most, other uses for nuclear energy (bombs) Future of nuclear energy: Increasing energy demand, plus concerns over climate change, dependence on overseas supplies of fossil fuels and the security of supply are coinciding to make the case for increasing use of nuclear power. Nuclear energy is the perfect way for the demands of electricity. It seems that Nuclear energy will become a much bigger source of energy in the future, many countries such as India and China are planning on building many nuclear power plants. China is embarking upon a huge increase in nuclear capacity to 58 GWe( Gigawatts of electricity) by 2020; India's target is to add 20 to 30 new reactors by 2030. A WNA projection shows at least 1100 GWe of nuclear capacity by 2060, and possibly up to 3500 GWe, compared with 373 GWe today. Countries that use it most: Most of the increased capacity (over 80%) will be in countries which already use nuclear power. Currently there are 436 Nuclear reactors in the world, and 73 under construction. Of the thirty countries in which nuclear power plants operate, only France, Belgium and Slovakia use them as the primary source of electricity. United States has 104 Nuclear reactors, and 5 under construction, France has 58 Nuclear reactors, and 1 under construction, Russia has 33 Nuclear reactors, and 10 under construction, Japan had 54 Nuclear reactors however after Fukushima Japan shut down all of its 54 nuclear......

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The History and Future of Computers

...With the advances in computer technology it is now possible for more and more Canadians to have personal computers in their homes. With breakthroughs in computer processing speeds and with computer storage capacity, the combination of this with the reduced size of the computer have allowed for even the smallest apartment to hold a computer. In the past the only places to have computers were military institutes and some universities; this was because of their immense size and price. Today with falling computer prices and the opportunity to access larger networks, the amount of computers has grown from just 10% in 1986 to 25% in 1994. Also, of the 25%, 34% of them were equipped with modems, which allow for connection to on line services via telephone lines. The primitive start of the computer came about around 4000 BC; with the invention of the abacus, by the Chinese. It was a rack with beads strung on wires that could be moved to make calculations. The first digital computer is usually accredited to Blaise Pascal. In 1642 he made the device to aid his father, who was a tax collector. In 1694 Gottfried Leibniz improved the machine so that with the rearrangement of a few parts it could be used to multiply. The next logical advance came from Thomas of Colmar in 1890, who produced a machine that could perform all of the four basic operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With the added versatility this device was in operation up until the First World......

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Future of Computers

...Jeff Knight GS1140 Problem Solving Theory 4/9/15 Teacher Module Three: Generating Solutions Using Futuring: As we progress in our technological world where everyone is interested in the next iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, quantum computers are still moving forward. It seems that only computer "nerds" seem to care and understand this wonder. What if all of the theories, concepts, and everything else that makes up what quantum computers are and will be, is presented in a way that everyone can understand. The way that quantum computers can be divided is into three main areas: quantum physics, quantum bits or (qubits), and their future goals. To better understand how quantum computers work, you need to start with what clearly defines a quantum computer: A quantum computer is a computer design which uses the principles of quantum physics to increase the computational power beyond what is attainable by a traditional computer. Quantum computers use two fundamental principles of quantum physics: superposition and entanglement. Quantum superposition is where the state of a physical system exists in all possible states at the same time. Then the physical system is only giving one state to the collection device. A good example of this is the famous Schrödinger's Cat, a thought experiment purposed by Erwin Schrödinger in 1935, where Schrödinger talks about having a cat in a closed box with a vial of poisonous acid with a hammer that will break the vial if any radioactivity is......

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...ages before, when there were no computers or any other technologies. So much we have advanced that now every information is just a click away and is in your hands 24/7. All this advancement was possible only with the introduction of a small device called the “Computer”. Computers Image Curtsey: Basically, computer is a device that accepts the message by the imputer and processes this message and stores the information at the storage devices and later gives an output of the message through the output devices. A simple explanation of the computer. Normally, a computer consists of a processing unit called the Central Processing Unit or the CPU and a form of memory. In the years between 1940 and 1945 were the first electronic digital computers developed. The initial sizes were as big as a room and consumed power as much as today’s personal computers. Initially, computer was related to a person who carries out calculations or computations and as such the word computer was evolved in 1613 and continued till the end of 19th century. Later it as re-described as a machine that carries computations. The early computers were limited in their functions. It was the fusion of automatic calculation and programmability that produced the first computers that were recognized in 1837. Charles Babbage in 1837 was the first to introduce and design a fully programmed mechanical computer, his analytical engine. Due to......

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...Computers Many fear that, some day, computer technology may take over the world despite the fact that many scientists believe it to be impossible, but as Peter Ustinov once said:” The last voice, you will hear, before the world explodes, will belong to an expert, saying: »It is technically impossible! «”. If one was offered information, one did not posses it is most likely that one would accept the generous offer. Therefore, it is no mystery how computer technology has become so popular. Although the thought of having a machine which can answer all questions one might ask, frightens many, numerous people find it comforting to know that mankind has come several steps closer to unraveling the mystery of the world. Cancer and AIDS are just two of the horribly frightening diseases that humans have not yet found a cure for. By using computer technology, one might discover a cure for these diseases, just as the technology has been used to reveal chromosome disorders in the prenatal phase, giving mothers the opportunity to abort a sick or retarded child. Furthermore, it is widely believed that computer technology, along with many other sciences, is what will secure human existence in the future. Future generations of the world, may be in great danger of becoming victims of obesity, because of the increasing use of computer technology. Several studies have shown that an alarmingly increasing number of children spend most of their day in front of the screen. Unfortunately......

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...An individual that is computer literate has many advantages in life. All high-paying jobs require its employee to be computer literate. This skill is a must in order to be successful in the workforce. Computers have become a part of our everyday lives. Life would be very difficult without them. I am very computer literate. Working on computers became a hobby of mines back in high school. Operating on one is not an easy task if one has no idea of what he or she is doing. I started out make many mistakes on computers before I became an expert at them. For example, my grandmother bought me a computer for Christmas and I was the happiest kid in the candy store. I immediately went to the games section and enjoyed them to the fullest. One day, I began to run low on disk space and decided to go into my system files and delete random files and folders that I thought were useless to the computer. Sure enough they were useless until my computer displayed symbols and signs where text should have been. It was as if my computer exhibited a different language but only through different shapes and signs. I was terrified that I had done this to my computer! My mom later called customer service to resolve the problem, but never again did I go into my system and delete random files unless I knew exactly what I was deleting! I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes on working with computers. I am now a pro in the field of computers. I’ve had clients in the past that I have......

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Computers Are the Wave of the Future

...In my opinion computers and technology is the wave of the future. Other people want everything simple. Computers solve complex problems. Computers also connect us though the internet and connect us world wide We use computers in our everyday life. My first point is Supercomputers have become a critical tool for analyzing Complex problems like climate change. And Counting: to solve mathematic problems - Navigation and astronomy Weather prediction. The computer was created to perform mathematical computations automatically and was Intended to be useful in a number of areas. It wasn't invented to solve any specific problem, but was conceived a a tool that could be developed to be useful in a number of areas. The original computers were slower than Humans at performing calculations, but the fact that something could now do them automatically was a Breakthrough in itself. Through time, the speed of computers has increased dramatically and their size has diminished. My second point is This is how the internet works The first thing your browser has to do is to establish a network connection to the machine where the document lives. To do that, it first has to find the network location of the host (‘host’ is short for ‘host machine’ or ‘network host'; is a typical hostname). The corresponding location is actually a number called an IP address To do this, your browser queries a program called a name server. The name server may live on your machine,......

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The Future of the Internet Essay

1494 Words6 Pages

In today’s world 3 billion humans are on the internet but there are also 4 billion people that are not. In the beginning of my study on the future of the internet, I asked myself this question: is it possible that everyone could be online and globally connected? Then I asked myself how, if everyone is online, the future of the internet change the experience of everyday life? Looking back, the internet is still a relatively new phenomenon as it was first created back in the 1960’s by a computer scientist named J.C.R Licklider. He envisioned a network of computers, called the galactic network, which would allow humans to be able to share information instantly. Overtime this is how the internet developed, as many of these networks that shared…show more content…

Knowing all of this and how far the internet has already come…I realized how much farther the internet really has left to go. In a small window of time, the internet has had an extraordinary impact on how people live their daily lives. It gives the human mind the capability to access new ideas, information and endless possibilities. Which leads to the chronological question, if this is what the internet can do now, what will the future of the internet look like? Even though the internet has already had a significant impact on society thus far, nobody saw it coming even though everybody could predict it. In a world that is constantly changing, the internet is constantly adapting. The true computer revolution has begun but only cracked the surface into the boundless levels it has the capability to reach. In the future the internet will expand in three major areas, speed, intelligence and connection.
Right now we are all programmed to be patient as our YouTube videos continue to buffer. We are patient because we are using “futuristic technology” such as google maps, which can virtually take anyone from there living room to the front door of someone’s house across the world. In an article that was published on by Blake Snow states that right now there is an ultrafast, 10-gigabit Internet in the works at Google. It is called Google Fiber and

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