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List of short stories by Agatha Christie contains all short stories published by Agatha Christie in both the US and the UK.

A total of 153 stories have been written and published in 14 collections in both the US and the UK. 152 stories were published in the UK with the omission of "Three Blind Mice". 152 stories were published in the US with the omission of "Christmas Adventure", which was the original version of "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding". Some stories were published under different names in the US Collections.

Four short stories, "The Submarine Plans", "Christmas Adventure", "The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest" and "The Second Gong", were expanded into longer stories by Christie (respectively "The Incredible Theft", "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding", "The Mystery of the Spanish Chest" and "Dead Man's Mirror"). All four of the original versions were published in the UK, and three of them were published in the US with the exception of "Christmas Adventure".

UK CollectionsEdit

This is a list of 153 stories sorted by the 14 UK collections in chronological order.

US CollectionsEdit

This is a list of 14 US collections, excluding Poirot's Early Cases since all of its eighteen stories appeared in earlier collections.


Academics create formula to find Agatha Christie killers She's known as the Queen of Crime for her tricky mysteries, but researchers use math to predict her plot twists.

UKTV channel Drama commissioned a team of university research fellows and data analysts to analyze 27 of Agatha Christie’s 83 books, following in the footsteps of her two famous sleuths, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

If Agatha Christie was alive today, she might be inclined to bump off the entire team of academics who’ve created a formula to predict the killers in the Queen of Crime’s mysteries. Known for her red herrings, plot twists and knowledge of poisons, Christie’s secrets are being spilled by the spoilsports who’ve figured out a formula to her crimes. Strangled corpse? Look for a male killer. Country house setting? A woman dunnit. Trains and automobiles point to a female criminal. Airplanes and boats indicate it’s probably a man. In honour of her upcoming 125th birthday, UKTV channel Drama commissioned a team of university research fellows and data analysts to make guessing whodunnit a lot easier. They analyzed 27 of the writer’s 83 books published in her lifetime, following in the footsteps of her two famous sleuths, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. “There’s no way Agatha Christie is formulaic, she kept readers guessing,” says Bahram Olfati, senior vice-president of Print at Indigo. The prolific writer threw so many twists at readers that when a new mystery novel comes along “there’s a great chance she’s already done it,” he says. Growing up in England, he saw Christie’s play The Mousetrap four times and fell in love with her mystery-writing skills. The fact that she is one of the book chain’s bestselling authors, even though she’s been dead almost 40 years, shows that new readers are constantly discovering Christie, he says. “The whole point of reading a mystery is to figure it out yourself, says Marzia Del Bianco, Toronto Public Library collections specialist. “That’s why readers like her books; they are interested in sleuthing.” She doesn’t think fans would be interested in using an equation to solve a crime.

The key events in any Christie mystery are early discovery of the body, closed circle of suspects, the detective is introduced, clues abound, the crime is solved and the story is wrapped up quickly, the study says. Major findings: The victim is murdered early in the book, usually within the first 20 per cent. Female killers are featured in stories with car and train travel, while male killers are in books with nautical vehicles and aircraft. Most killers are spouses or blood relatives of the victim — spouses kill from love, relatives have other motives. Strangling is mostly a male method of death and if the killer is a doctor there’s a strong probability of stabbing or strangulation. A country house setting means there’s a 75 per cent chance that the killer will be female. Female killers are discovered due to a domestic item, male killers through information or logic. The academics created a mathematical formula where relationship to the victim, primary transport in the novel, sentiment of language used to describe killer, method, detective, setting, chapter of introduction of killer and number of mentions added up to a fairly predictable solution.

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