Modern Chemistry Chapter 4 Homework Answers

Holt Modern Chemistry ReviewCHAPTER 4: ARRANGEMENT OF ELECTRONS IN ATOMSInclude graphic organizer(s) for this chapterThe following pages contain the bulk (but not all) of the information for the chapter4 test. Focus on this content, but make sure to review class notes, activities, handouts,questions, etc. If you study this document and NOTHING else, you should at least be able to PASSthe test.***** Test items will be recall, examples, and/or applicationof this content. *****OUTCOMESCollaborate with peer(s) to understand chemistry content (C C)Communicate chemistry content to teacher and peer(s) (E C) 4.3: Write electron confgurations in regular order, orbital notation, and noble gas methods (F & PK)4.3: Compare and contrast levels and sublevels (also their positions on Periodic Table) (T & R)4.1: THE DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW ATOMIC MODELVocabulary oground state-- the lowest energy state oF a quantized system; also known as the “correct” wayoexcited state

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